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The project

One of the common characteristics we have seen in many of the adolescents growing up in the centers is a lack of self-esteem and motivation.

This project was born with a double objective: (i) to let them know that they can dream big and that with desire, enthusiasm and tenacity, Soñar Despierto will be by their side to help them achieve everything they set their minds to and (ii) to show them success stories of people who have lived in their same situation or even more complicated situations.

This program tries to bring them an optimistic vision of life, a reality in which they can be the protagonists of their own story, facing their fears, insecurities and discovering all the opportunities and alternatives for the future that lie ahead.

A program dedicated solely and exclusively to getting to know them during different weekend days, to create a team and to become a reference for them, so that as they grow older they can continue to count on Daydreaming as part of their support network.

Why it is important

Adolescence is a crucial stage in the life of all minors, however, those who grow up in protection centers have a particularity: it will end imminently as soon as they reach the age of 18 and have to become adults overnight.

Therefore, it is essential that at this stage of their lives they feel supported and accompanied by a good support network, which will provide them with countless tools to help them succeed in the future.

How it works

The motivational programs are carried out together with companies and/or volunteers who help us to organize workshops, lectures and different motivational sessions for teenagers.

From Soñar Despierto we are totally open to listen to proposals and initiatives that serve as motivation for "our" children and from which they can learn.


In Madrid, we celebrate "Dream Big", a motivational workshop spread over 3 weekends in the middle of nature, where a group of more than 60 teenagers work on different competencies together with the volunteers who accompany them on these days.

In Barcelona, as part of the "Tools for Life" program , teenagers will enjoy various sports and motivational workshops which, after working with the volunteers, will motivate them to improve themselves.