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It's a brand new season!

Dear dreamer, after many months of work... We are excited to present you the renewed and improved website of Daydreaming! With this change we wanted to offer you an even closer experience, where you can find all the information about us and have access to all our news: news, events, volunteering, merchandising dreamer.... So, sit comfortably and let us tell you about all the news we have prepared for you.

New design but always our essence

The first thing you will notice when you visit our website is its new design. A cleaner, more modern and easy to navigate look so that, whether you are a company, volunteer or donor, you will find the information you need in an intuitive way. We want our new website to be our little house on the Internet!

Active community with calendar of events

The community of volunteers, partners, companies and donors around Soñar Despierto is what makes everything work and that every time we can reach more and more children in shelters. It is something that we have taken into account and that is why you will find some new features such as the calendar of events so you can always have it updated and you can join us in all of them.

Solidarity challenges

Sometimes, from the reception centers, we are asked for help to cover needs that are often difficult to cover: computers for the new school year, school supplies, a bicycle or sleeping bags for the camps.

So that, bit by bit, together we can make all these types of needs a reality, the challenges of solidarity are born.