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About us

What is Soñar Despierto?

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Guide them along the way

Our Vision

We work every day to ensure that all children who grow up in protection centers have the same opportunities as other children of their age, regardless of the circumstances in which they have had to live.

We believe in a society in which tomorrow, all young people who leave the protection system at the age of 18 will be able to integrate into society on an equal footing.

to cherish their childhood

Our Mission

To accompany and support minors residing in shelters, open centers and residential centers coming from marginal environments and dysfunctional families, from the moment they enter the center until they reach autonomy.

Encourage the social participation of citizens through actions such as involved and responsible volunteering.

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We dream

About us

Fundación Soñar Despierto collaborates with children, adolescents and young people who are growing up or have grown up in shelters, after having been separated from their families as a protective measure.

Our goal is to provide them with the same childhood and future opportunities that other children their age have, regardless of their circumstances.

The Foundation has been present in the Community of Madrid, Catalonia and the Valencian Community for more than 15 years.

Reception centers
Minors served
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Networking with other entities


We guarantee
the transparency of all our actions.