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Today is a good day to
start dreaming!


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Volunteers are the engine and soul of all our programs... if you have time, desire and are willing to commit, we are waiting for you!

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If you don't have time, but you want to help us to carry out each of our initiatives or you are interested in contributing financially to our cause... any contribution counts!

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Today is a good day
to start dreaming

Today is a good day
to start dreaming

In 2021, more than 56,000 minors were served by the protection system in Spain.

Of these, more than 16,000 grow up in foster care institutions.

Soñar Despierto works every day so that, during this stage of their lives, they enjoy and have the same opportunities as any other child their age.
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Our Mission

To accompany and support minors residing in shelters, open centers and residential centers from marginal environments and dysfunctional families, from the moment they enter the center until they reach autonomy.

Encourage the social participation of citizens through actions such as involved and responsible volunteering.

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Help us to keep growing


Volunteering Testimonials

Volunteering with Soñar Despierto has changed my life in so many ways, I am sure I take back much more than I have given.



Volunteer in Madrid

During 9 years of volunteering at Fundación Soñar Despierto I have seen how love, education and opportunities can transform lives and how a group of young and passionate volunteers can have a great impact on society.



Volunteer in Madrid

Soñar Despierto is learning that we all have a diamond waiting to be polished and polishing it together, children and volunteers!



Volunteer in Barcelona

Infinite gratitude, here you always receive much more than you give. At first you go for the children, and to help others, but you repeat because every time you go, you come back with a full heart. Thanks to the FSD for making this possible.



Voluntary Foreign minors

Thank you so much! This experience is so worthwhile, it's wonderful to help these kids and create such an amazing group of volunteers, looking forward to participating in more events!



Volunteer Barcelona
Don't be in doubt!

Frequently Asked Questions

They are minors who are in a protection measure after having been separated from their families and, therefore, are in a situation of great vulnerability.
The work of the volunteers is to collaborate with the center, complementing (but not replacing) the wonderful work done daily by the educators who live with them, with the aim of becoming part of their support network.

  1. Be of legal age
  2. Present the Certificate of Sexual Offenses.
  3. Conduct an interview and volunteer training provided by our team.
  4. Be eager to help and make a real commitment to us.

Generally, the whole process (from the moment of registration on the website to the first day as a volunteer) can take up to 2-3 weeks as long as you submit the documentation promptly.

Prior to incorporation it will be necessary: (1) Registration on the web, (2) Interview with the team, (3) Delivery of documentation, (4) Coordination with the center for discharge.

If you are not able to be a recurrent volunteer and you are still eager to help us and enjoy this experience with us, you can always assist as a volunteer sporadically to one of the big events that we celebrate during the year or sign up to cover the specific needs that we upload to our networks.

This volunteering is one of the most requested by you!
Although we try to give priority to volunteers who are with us all year, we also open a number of places so that new people can come at this time of the year.

In these cases, you will have to pass an interview process and we will give priority to those who have the title of Monitor of Leisure and Free Time.

Minors can volunteer with us only in major events where the team responsible for Soñar Despierto is present (i.e., you cannot go to a center to volunteer) and with the authorization of your parents or guardians.

In our weekly programs, volunteers must come alone to the center.
However, if you want to volunteer with your children you can sign up for the "Family Volunteering" program in Madrid or ask us for information to become a "Collaborating Family" in Barcelona.

On the one hand, you can contribute financially to any of our projects, either through the purchase of merchandising, a one-time donation in any of our campaigns or as a recurring member of Soñar Despierto.

And, on the other hand, by being our voice and making us known to your entire circle, talking about us and sharing our initiatives on social networks.

The requirements are periodically updated on our website and you can also keep up to date with all the news by subscribing to our monthly Newsletter.


We do not accept donations of medications.

Regarding clothes, books and/or toys... as a general rule neither, unless they are donations of brand new items and/or in very good condition.

In order to channel this type of help, we have established an agreement with Micolet and all clothing and books can be donated for our benefit through their website.

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