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Summer camps

Summer camps

Summer is here and, with it, the vacation we have been looking forward to all year long!

But... what is the reality when you live in a protection center? The uncertainty of what your vacation will be like, the fear of staying in the residence without a vacation and feeling different from the rest?

This is how our summer camps were born!

As of today, Soñar Despierto has 2 great summer camps for teenagers:

  • Go Further" expedition by Madrid Outdoor Education: thanks to this expedition, every year 15 teenagers from different residences in Madrid enjoy a 7-day "itinerant trekking" through the Sierra Palentina mountain range, working on their social, personal and psychological well-being and developing transversal competencies for their inclusion in the labor market.
  • Salinas Surf Camp by the Cofradía del Carmen de Salinas: this camp allows about 30 teenagers every year to travel to the north and enjoy 5 days focused on coexistence, sports and the creation of bonds between them and with their volunteers.

These camps go ahead thanks mainly to the Cofradía del Carmen de Salinas and Madrid Outdoor Education, two organizations that do everything possible throughout the year to raise funds and make the camps a reality.

Undoubtedly, the memories and skills acquired in these camps have a very positive influence on their lives and help them create bonds with other teenagers who are facing the same situation and, above all, with all those volunteers who become family.