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Summer camps

But... what is the reality when you live in a foster care institution? The uncertainty of what your vacation will be like, the fear of staying in the residence without a vacation and feeling different from the rest?

This is how our summer camps were born!

Today Soñar Despierto has 3 great summer camps for the little ones:

Riaza Camp

10 days in the mountains of Madrid enjoying a unique and special experience that combines adventure, learning and fun in an indescribable natural environment. More than 100 children and 35 monitors are the perfect combination to make the best 10 days of the year a reality.


One of the most magical and special camps of Soñar Despierto. A camp that has behind it the love of a whole family and a common goal: that the little ones enjoy and have the vacation they deserve in incredible facilities: horses, teepees, swimming pool... the summer they never imagined!

Summer camps in Barcelona

It is the camp for the little ones, made possible thanks to many volunteers (the most special ones, since many of them are boys and girls who lived in centers as children) and to a whole team that every year, more than 60 children between 2 and 8 years old enjoy some unforgettable days in the mountains.

These camps go ahead thanks to hundreds of companies and individuals who throughout the year join this cause and contribute to make the camps a reality and, as if that were not enough, to hundreds of volunteers who dedicate part of their vacations to enjoy with the little ones.

Undoubtedly, the memories and skills acquired in these camps have a very positive influence on their lives and help them create bonds with other children living in their same situation and, above all, with all those volunteers who become family.