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Sant Jordi is here!

As it could not be otherwise, this year we return with more energy if possible and renewing ourselves!

And the fact is that this date, especially in Catalonia, has become a tradition within Soñar Despierto. For 7 years we have been celebrating Sant Jordi in a very special way: handing out roses in solidarity.

Remember what we did last year? We leave you a hint here

This year, we continue in the digital era with a very particular rose. We keep the same goal of giving a rose to our crush, special person, loved ones, friends, family ... In short, anyone with whom you want to have a precious detail and at the same time collaborate with us!

This year we have Laura Árbol, illustrator, visual artist and graphic designer. Her drawings are a way to connect with her audience and establish a real, friendly and honest communication. The 2022 design will be unveiled when we send all the digital roses. What nerves!

To do this, you just have to register on the web by entering the email address of the person you want to send it to and on Sant Jordi's day we will send them a very special email from you with their rose. And, in addition, with this donation you will be helping the program "Pequeños grandes momentos". But you will ALSO be sending a jelly bean rose to a child in one of our residences! (I still think it's a great idea!)

Are you imagining yourself (like me) arriving at the office on the 23rd and opening the most beautiful email of the day?

Let's give the gift of love through Sant Jordi roses! 🌹