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A night not to stop dreaming: I Gala for Foster Childhood

The halls of the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid opened their doors last Thursday, November 23rd to host the I Gala for Foster Children "La Noche por los Sueños" (Night for Dreams). It was a celebration full of light, joy, music and magic, but above all, it was a loudspeaker to give a voice to those children who, for various reasons, live in shelters.

A night with a purpose: Giving visibility and raising funds for the future

The real magic of "La Noche por los Sueños" was to unite more than 350 people for the same cause: to give visibility to the more than 16,000 children and adolescents living in foster care in Spain and to raise funds for scholarships that will allow them to have a future full of opportunities, like any other teenager their age.

They all deserve to be heard and supported and this gala was a reminder that all children have dreams, talents and infinite potential, regardless of the circumstances that led them to live in foster care.

Sergio Gonzalez Valero. 23-11-2023. Community of Madrid. Gala of the Soñar Despierto Foundation for Children. Palace Hotel.

Soul-stirring testimonials

During the gala, we had the privilege of listening to the testimony of Rocío, a young woman who has overcome unimaginable obstacles and who, thanks to a scholarship from the Foundation, is now pursuing a professional career in the world of marketing. Her story resonated in our hearts, reminding us of the importance of reaching out to those who need an extra push to achieve their dreams.

The evening also featured the participation of different artists such as the Las Veredas Choir, María Parrado, Pablo Navarro and Luis Boyano, whose performances were the icing on the cake of a very special night. Music and art took our message even further.

Sergio Gonzalez Valero. 23-11-2023. Community of Madrid. Gala of the Soñar Despierto Foundation for Children. Palace Hotel.

Generosity that changes lives

But what was the final result of "La Noche por los Sueños"? The generosity of the attendees and sponsors has resulted in more than €114,000. These funds will be used to finance more than 20 scholarships, opening doors to education and a future full of possibilities for these children.

A special thank you

We would like to thank everyone who made this magical evening possible. To our sponsors, Qualitas Funds, OneTrust, Fundación Multiópticas, Zurich, EY and Yo Dona and the collaborators Stradivarius, Eventool, Goiko, Faberplast, Twic, Aladelta Films, Finca La Emperatriz, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Pangea, Velca, Pedro Joyeros, ETC eventos, Albarrán Bourdais and Es Fascinante.

A huge THANK YOU in capital letters to Ana Brito and Jaime Nyst, not even in our best dreams could we have imagined a better master of ceremonies.

And of course, thanks to our volunteers Paloma, Rocío and María who have worked day and night for more than 5 months to make everything perfect. You are our luck!

And finally, to everyone who attended and dreamed along with us with this I Night for Dreams: Thank you for being part of Soñar Despierto and for making it possible for the dreams of these boys and girls to come true!

See you at the Night for Dreams 2024.